STYLE NOTES - The Work Bag

STYLE NOTES - The Work Bag

Posted by Sarah Conners on 10th Aug 2014

You carry it with you 5 out of every 7 days, you need to love it and it needs to be practical. Make sure that you’re not letting down a city slick look with a tote that isn’t up to the job.

Carmella Shopper

Instead of carrying one enormous bag with everything you own think about splitting the load and taking with you a manageable handbag and a larger tote. A smaller handbag is great for stepping out for lunch or drinks after work.

For a work bag you need something big enough for a laptop and you’ll need to be able keep papers in there without them getting crushed – all while staying stylish.

At SARAH CONNERS we think that the Carmella Shopper is the perfect workbag, large enough to fit everything in while still be slick and elegant.