We are making it Ethically

We are making it Ethically

Posted by Sarah Conners on 2nd May 2017

We are so proud to let everyone know that we are Ethical Clothing Australia accredited!

This means that all our bags and some of our other accessories are either made in the Melbourne studio (usually by me!) or by another ECA accredited manufacturer.

Sarah Conners ECA Accredited

It has always been important to me to celebrate the artisans behind the products we love. Celebrating not only means telling them they are great but also making sure that they are paid properly and make beautiful things in safe working conditions. ECA makes sure that this happens and buyers can be sure that they are buying ethically made products.

If one of our bags or other accessories is ECA accredited we will let you know in the product description, or get and we can let you know which products are truly ethical.