Here's a Little Story ... About our Carmella Tote

Here's a Little Story ... About our Carmella Tote

Posted by Sarah Conners on 23rd Oct 2017

The Carmella Tote is bold, strong and just a little bit quirky. Just like the woman it was named after, my Mother. It all started with this simple and practical bag nearly 10 years ago and has now grown into an entire range…thanks Mum.

                                                                  Carmella Tote Illustration

When I designed (and made) the first Carmella Tote I wanted to create a handbag every woman could love and feel special in, something that would make an outfit sing. All the while being a bag that doesn’t need to be handled with kid gloves, a bag that could be worn everyday and all the knocks and scrapes life throws at it would just make it more beautiful.

This is a bag made for life, the everyday and the special. Made for a woman with things to do, many places to go and lots to carry. 

Sarah xx