5 Tips for buying (the perfect) Handbag

5 Tips for buying (the perfect) Handbag

Posted by Sarah Conners on 13th Mar 2018

Buying a new handbag is easy, right? But how many times have you looked in your wardrobe and not been able to find the perfect bag? Building up your perfect accessories wardrobe is just like putting together you clothing wardrobe. Choose the pieces that work for your lifestyle and the pieces your already have and you’ll be on the path to a stress free wardrobe.

What do what that dream bag for?

Handbags are easy to fall in love with, trust me I know! If you have fallen in love with an amazing on trend tote before you buy it think about how you are going to use it. If you always lug around your laptop with you make sure it’s going to fit in your new dream bag! Check the pockets, there’s nothing worse than always searching through your bag to find your phone when it rings. Making sure your new bag is up for the job will make sure that it doesn’t end up languishing on a shelf or even worse your wardrobe floor.

Think about your budget, and then stick to it!

I am a big fan of buying the best you can afford and it’s no different when your buying accessories. A great handbag, be it an everyday tote or an evening clutch should last you for years possibly even a lifetime! So spending a bit of money is worth it, especially if you look at the cost from a price per wear perspective. But don’t go overboard! I am sure everyone knows someone that has a bag that was so expensive it lives on a shelf, too special to actually use. Using the price per wear model that is a wardrobe disaster!

Decide on your material.

If you are looking for a bag you can use everyday and grab whenever you step out the door think about the material it is made from. Maybe sequins, feathers or delicate silks are going to cut for everyday use, you will soon have a bag that is looking a little shabby and that can ruin an outfit. It is a great idea to stick with leather or heavy weight canvas for an everyday bag, keep the sparkles for an evening bag.

Do some research!

It’s easy to stick with a brand you know and end a with an accessories wardrobe that can seem a little dull. Use social media to see what’s going on in fashion and find new looks and brands. Instagram and Pinterest are the places to find great inspiration, search for the latest street style looks and you find the coolest of the cool mixing accessories and clothes in a way that is new and sometimes fresher than magazines.

Look in your wardrobe

Check out what is actually going on inside your wardrobe! If you’re like me you will find that you buy the same thing again and again (20+ pairs of jeans!), this can also happen with accessories. You might find you have a whole lot of large bags great for work and nothing to take out for a dinner or the opposite lots of clutches and nothing to carry a beach towel in. Do a quick wardrobe audit and see what you are actually missing, a wardrobe should be fun but it also needs to be just a little bit practical.

And lastly all of these rules can totally fly out the window when you really fall in love with a handbag! And that’s OK because accessories should always be fun.